Adding a video

The first step before doing almost anything with is to add a video.

1. Launch the app

You can click the "launch" button at the top of this page

or click here.

2. In the sequencer - click "Add"

The sequencer is at the bottom of the screen. It is built to let you manipulate video sequences.

To get started, click "Add".

Then choose "video". You can see that you have more options to explore later!

3. Upload the video

In the effects panel (at the left of the screen), when your video sequence is selected (it should already be selected when you add a new video), you will see settings for your video.

There will be a file selection tool in this panel. Use it to upload a video file from your computer.

4. Hit play

This last step is to verify that this actually worked. Hit play and see if your video is playing.

If all you see is a black rectangle, it could mean your video format is incompatible or that the file is corrupted. In this case, you should try again with another video.



Adding a video is the base step before doing anything, now you can explore effects and edit your video!

Next page: cutting parts of a video.